pH Chips



Scientific principle: Semiconductor ion sensing technology uses electric sensing in place of optical detection methods. The ionic sensor developed by OneChip is a nanoscale ion sensitive field effect transistor (ISFET) using Si CMOS nanostructures as the sensing elements. Its surface is coated with molecular probes to identify and detect the types and concentration of target ions.

Image: Alpha version of pH Experimental Chips.


Packaged pH Chips (manufactured by SMIC). 
The microfluid and micro wells on the chips for pH test. 
Nanoscale sensor provides high accuracy.

Product Features


Based on the advanced semiconductor sensing technology, bio-detection technology, integrated circuit, and internet of things (IoT) technology, the pH-sensing chip series creatively integrate sensors, sample acquisition and circuit system into a micro-chip and data can be transmitted to smart phones, computers and other Internet equipment in real time.

The micro solid-state silicon chips replace the traditional bulky glass electrodes without worrying break glass. It is easy to read accurately and convenient for operation, maintenance and replacement. They can be used for testing very small amount of samples, especially suitable for application of Internet of Things (IoT) in environmental monitoring and surveillance.

The new generation of pH meter with the semiconductor
                   pH chips as the heart will have significant advantages in performance and cost: 

Tiny size for ultra-portability and rapid test (shorter than 0.1 second).

Easy maintenance: solid state chips not easy to break, need no special storage liquid, plug and play for simple replacement.

Real-time Data transfer: connectivity with smart phones and computers for real-time detection and continuous monitoring. Smart alarm and intelligent control can be configured for automatic surveillance.

Technical Specification


Test Data and Analysis
Please refer to the Figure below for detailed laboratory test results of sensing pH using Si nano-sensor.
1、The measured current by the nanosensor changes monotonically with varying pH of liquid samples, revealing the stable and drift-free detection of pH with high precision; (Image 1)
2、Repeated tests of pH show good repeatability and good linearity, indicating a pH test accuracy better then 0.01 pH;
3、The test signals present good correlativity with the pH values with the R2 reaching 0.997 and the standard deviation of 0.1%; (Image 2)


Product Application


Our nano-chip pH meter developed enjoys a comprehensive cost performance about one order of magnitude higher than that of the existing products.
The new type of pH meters can be used in food processing industry and drinking water plants for quality control by monitoring food/water pH in real time.     
This chip can have wide applications in environmental protection, sewage treatment, scientific research, pharmacy, fermentation, chemical industry, aquaculture, tap water treatment and other relevant fields.    
The all-electronic micro sensor chips are particularly applicable to the Internet of Things (IoT).  



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